Maeglin Hill the Border Collie and I

Life of a search & rescue dog

Search & rescue

Is our big passion...

We are training searching from his puppyhood and Hill is totally crazy about it. But than, for what he isn`t crazy about?

 foto: Sebastijan Strašek

At first, we strated with easy things - playing with strangers, going on and through different and often strange material and just socialising a lot. The next stage was searching with motivation, than without and making more and more difficult situations.

Search & rescue dog has to be used all kinds of things, sometimes really difficult environment, like collapsed buildings, many of strange people and dogs, smoke, loud noises,... So is important that he stays cool in all posible situations and focused on his job: searching lost, injured, traped,... people.

Besides searching in the rubble, avalanche or in the area a search & rescue dog has to know some obedience and dexterity:             

  • off leash heeling
  • distance control
  • retrieval on flat ground
  • unstable plank
  • ladder
  • tunnel
  • directability at a distance
  • carrying and handling over the dog
  • laying down while distracted


And as my friend said: "Search and rescue is not just a hobby, is the way of life." That is completely true, it takes a lot of our free time, but that is what we love to do.

We are members of Regional Unit for search & rescue for year 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, National Unit for search & rescue from rubble for year 2013, 2014 and International Unit for search & rescue from rubble (IRO MRT) for year 2014.

Exams: All exams for search & rescue dog

RH-T/A (Search and rescue dog in rubble, 1st level)

RH-T/B  (Search & rescue dog in rubble, 2nd and highest level)

IRP-PO/N (National exam for area serach)

RH-FL/A (Search & rescue dog for area search, 1st level)

RH-FL/B (Search & rescue dog for area search, 2nd and the highest level)



3. place on team competition Talanov memorial  - 24.9.2011, KD Zgornjesavinjska dolina (members of the team: Ana & Luna, Tamara & Tia, Eva & Hill)

7. place at Open Slovenian National Championship - 10.-12.5.2013, ŠKD Logatec (searching in the rubble - RH-T/B) ::results::

3. place at Open Slovenian National Championship in team classification - 10.-12.5.2013, ŠKD Logatec (members of the team: Tomi & Sherpa, Blaž & Rudi, me & Hill) ::results::

3. place at International Mission-Exercise for teams "Ljubljana 2013" - 17. - 19.5.2013 (members of our team: Iva & Juna, Janez & Aika and me & Hill)

5. place at International Mission-Exercise for teams "Ljubljana 2014" - 23.- 5. 5. 2014 (members of our team: Ana & Luna, Tamara & Tia and me & Hill)

7. place at FCI World Championship in Italy - 20. - 24. 8. 2014 (members of the team: Matjaž - leader, Nevenka & Neli, Cvetka & Flika and me & Hill)


You can read more on International Rescuedog Organisation (IRO)


Obedience & Rally Obedience


BBH (Dog companion)

RO I (Rally Obedience I)

RO II (Rally Obedience II)


Rally Obedience I:

8. place (4th National Championship Competition - 19.6.2011, KD Pluton, 132/150 points - we also passed exam for RO I) ::results::

12. place (6th and Final National Championship Competition - 30.10.2011, KD Krim, 141/150 points) ::results::

4. place & fastest time (9th and Final National Championship Competition - 21.10.2012, KD Pluton, 138/150 points) ::results::

Rally Obedience II:

4. place & fastest time (1st National Championship Competition - 7.4.2013, KD Barje, 146/170 points) ::results::

9. place & fastest time (3rd National Championship Competition - 9.6.2013, KD Krim, 158/170 points) :: results::   


I represent frisbee to Hill when he was just a little boy, and since the first moment he saw the frisbee, he is absolutely crazy about it. We went to two seminars and learned a lot, especially I learned how to throw it, I am still learning and I think I will be learning it for all of my life , it`s quite difficult for me. Hill on the other hand is very good, a natural jumper and really good catcher. He had and in some situations still has a problem of droping the frisbee, but after some advices and practice we are improving that very well.

                                                               foto: Damjan Zabukovnik 


4. place in Timetrial (AWI Qualifier - 3.7.2011, KD Maribor, 19.3sec)

8. place in Timetrial (Skyhoundz Disc Dog - 7.8.2011, ŠKD Mirna, 23.19sec)

5. place in Team Distance/Accuracy with Tamara Jager (Skyhoundz Disc Dog - 7.8.2011, ŠKD Mirna, 12.5points)

2. place in Timetrial (4fun Duplica - 8.7.2012, KD Duplica, 18.73sec)

7. place in Super Minidistance (4fun Duplica - 8.7.2012, KD Duplica, 23.5points)


foto: Anja Krebl in Boštjan Kozamurnik

We started to train agility in March 2012. And we became addicted.

I already want to train agility with my previous dog Mix, but than that sport wasn`t developed in my town and Mix also didn`t show much interest in running courses. But with Hill is totally different story. He enjoys it a lot and tries to do every task very exact, without any mistake. He is a real perfectionist! I still have a lot to learn about directing him on the course, but most important is that we both have a lot of FUN!


As border collies were bred for herding, I just couldn't resist testing Hill. And he done it quite well, passed Herding instinct test (video) at Sheepdog Insotino (Italy) with a very good mark at the age of only 5 months.

foto: Tine Mezgec 

Because the lack of time and limited possibilities nearby that was the only contact he had with sheep. But maybe we will try some more in the future, I just love to see this breed in the role for which is so famous.

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