Maeglin Hill the Border Collie and I

Life of a search & rescue dog


(1990 - 1997)

I got the first dog at the age of only 5 years, and he wasn`t the Golden Retriever, but English Cocker Spaniel Alf, who showed me that dogs are quite better than monkeys  (I wished for a monkey when I was 5).


(16. 3. 1998 - 26. 3. 2008)

But my first, just mine dog was a Golden Retriever Mix, who was really a special dog. Because of his difficult character we went to dog school and the story of a search & rescue team has began. We joined the search & rescue group in our club and after real intense work we manage to find harmony and enjoyed the life together. We were members of Regional search & rescue Unit for 5 years, National search & rescue Unit for 3 years, Slovenian National team for World Championship in search & rescue for 3 years, we also attended a lot of competitions, exercises, simulations of real search actions and the most important we also help on some real search & rescue actions.




Our biggest success was 7. place on World Championship of search & rescue dogs in Germany, 2004.



(5. 6. 2002 - 20. 1. 2007)

Khan was our family dog, he was the happiest and the funniest Golden Retriever I have met. Unfortunately after a long fight with difficult disease he left us to early... But in my memory he stays like on this picture, which represents him the best:




Again a family dog, the first lady in our family, if we can call her lady :


Foto: Tamara Jager 

The dog who is testing the limits every minute, but you just can`t be angry on her because she has such a look that melts even the coldest...


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